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Useful GPS coordinates for locations on or near Pine Mountain

Location Latitude Longitude Google Maps
Millican 43.87917 -120.91889 Open map of Millican
Pine Mtn Observatory 43.79159 -120.941218 Open map of Pine Mtn Observatory
Rock L (Training Hill) 43.83737 -120.930418 Open map of Rock L
Southeast Bowl 43.78599 -120.891251 Open map of Southeast Bowl
The T 43.84836 -120.922256 Open map of The T
The Y 43.84419 -120.910495 Open map of The Y
West Launch 43.81976 -120.93258 Open map of West Launch

Open Google Map showing all locations

History of locations of helicopter rescues of paraglider pilots at Pine Mountain

1993Southeast Bowl
1998West Launch
2003Behind Training Hill
2014West Launch
2015Rock L
2018Rock L